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Get involved

We would love for you to be part of Rare Disease Day 2021, here’s how you can get involved:

Social media

The easiest way to take part in Rare Disease Day 2021 is to make sure you are following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you can re-share our content. Tag us in your content so we can share it and add it to our social media stories. Remember to always use the hashtags #RareDiseaseDay2021 and #RareReality


Social media challenge

Take part in the #ShowMeYourRare challenge and use your photos and videos to show us you have a rare condition, without actually telling us you have a rare condition.

Share the Rare Disease Day assets

Download HERE the Rare Disease Day 2021 social media assets to use on your own social media accounts.


Rare Reach Festival

The themes for Rare Disease Day this year are: Rare is many; Rare is strong; Rare is proud. As part of the Rare Reach Festival we want you to share your old and new social media content that helps demonstrate these themes – don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags!

UK’s official RD video

Watch the UK’s official Rare Disease video HERE and share the UK’s official Rare Disease Day video!


Share your story with us

We will be sharing stories on our social media throughout February. If you would like to make a short video or write a blog for us about your experiences get in touch by emailing [email protected].


Instagram AR filter

We have a special Instagram filter coming for Rare Disease Day so make sure you pop over to our Instagram account on Monday 22 February and check it out!


Virtual Parliamentary Event

As we can’t hold our usual Parliamentary events this year, we will be hosting a virtual event to hear from people affected by rare conditions, explore the new UK Rare Diseases Framework which promises to improve the lives of all those affected by rare conditions and hear from health ministers from across the UK about how they are planning to implement the Framework in their nation.


Twitter takeovers

We’ve got an exciting line up including representatives from the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry, MP Liz Twist and individuals affected by rare conditions who will be hosting Twitter takeovers in the week leading up to Rare Disease Day. Make sure you are following our Twitter account so you can be part of the conversation.

Rare Disease Day downloadable assets

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Rare is many, Rare is strong, rare is proud
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