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❅ I can’t stress enough for people to think before they speak if you have a friend/family member that suffers from a disability/invisible illness/chronic illness/rare disease. Something that you may class as a passing comment can cause more damage that you realise if it’s said to someone who’s suffering. It’s understandable that you don’t mean anything by it, but it would mean more if you just thought about what you where going to say before saying something that makes the person feel even more shit about their situation.
I have had these things said to me that have bothered/hurt me more than i can say.

•“I wish i was lucky enough to lose weight like you” - I’m losing weight through illness NOT through choice. I have a disease of the stomach and although i am physically starving hungry i cannot eat. I will be sick, be in agony, be laying in bed unable to move in pain from eating. Losing weight to me is a hard reminder that my disease is winning, so no i’m not ‘lucky’ i’m suffering.

•”My hairs so thick i would give anything for it to he as thin as yours” - No you wouldn’t give anything unless you would be willing to give up your health? My hairs been thinning and falling out throughout my entire life & again i’m going through another phase of hair loss and thinning so much so that i hide gaps in my hair and have had to have it cut shorter and shorter because it’s all just breaking.

❅ Sometimes being mindful goes a really long way especially when making passing comments about someone who suffers from a disability/invisible illness/chronic illness or rare disease. We don’t tend to ask for a lot in our lives but one thing we do ask for is mindfulness towards our lives & situations. A small sentence to you could have the potential to be a cold hard reminder to us.

Be thoughtful, Be mindful & Be kind

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