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"Working together we can secure the best use of scarce expertise and resources, maximising the health gain for all those with rare conditions" Alastair Kent OBE, Chair of RDUK


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RDUK Documents to Download

Please click on any of the below to download copies of the documents.

Undiagnosed: Genetic conditions and the impact of genome sequencing

The Rare Reality - an insight into the patient and family experience of rare disease

Patient Experiences of Transition Between Care Providers

EUROPLAN Conference Report: 2014 

Centres of Excellence for Rare Diseases 

Rare Disease Care Coordination: Delivering Value, Improving Services

Experiences of Rare Diseases: Patients and Families in Scotland

Experiences of Rare Diseases: Patients and Families in Wales

Funding Support for Rare Disease Research: Raising Awareness and Increasing Transparency

Improving Lives, Optimising Resources: A Vision for the UK Rare Disease Strategy:

Experiences of Rare Diseases: An Insight from Patients and Families:

EUROPLAN Conference Report

EUROPLAN Final Report

Media Volunteer Form

RDUK Annual Report of Activity 2014 

RDUK Annual Report of Activity 2013 

RDUK Annual Report of Activity 2011-2012

RDUK Annual Report of Activity 2010-2011

RDUK Annual Report of Activity 2009-2010

Papers from RDUK AGM 2010

RDUK Constitution