Fundraising for Rare Disease UK

Hello! My name is Annabelle and I am nine years old and I have been fundraising for Rare Disease UK!

I have been making posters and went along to my Dad’s work with a collection box and wristbands and stickers. I also decorated the shop with balloons and shared my experience of living with a rare disease with visitors.

I decided to fundraise for Rare Disease UK because I have a chronic rare disease. I haven’t had any support on my rare disease journey so far, other than from my parents. I want things to change and raise awareness of rare diseases.

The posters that I made worked really well on my fundraisers! The collection tin Rare Disease UK provided was a great reminder to people of the great work they do as well as encouraging people to donate. I would definitely still fundraise for Rare Disease UK – in fact I still am via the collection tin at my Dad’s work. There is already £7 in there!

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