Fundraiser of the Week: Maddy

Rare Disease UK, SWAN UK and Genetic Alliance UK are now introducing Fundraiser of the week! Every week we will take it in turns to thank one of our amazing fundraisers. 

Congratulations to our first ever Fundraiser of the Week Maddy, who at only twelve years old, fundraised with the help of her friends Erin and Mayah on behalf of her Grandad.

‘As part of my extra curriculum activities I decided to hold a fundraising event. I chose SWAN UK and Rare Disease UK because my Grampy was very ill with ectopic cushings syndrome and it took a long time for the doctors to work out what he had. My mum also suffered from Stephen Johnson Syndrome when I was seven and I wanted to help families with rare diseases and help raise awareness so that these diseases can be diagnosed sooner.’

We would like to say a huge thank you to Maddy! If you would like to fundraise for Rare Disease UK please e mail¬†[email protected].

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