People’s Choice Award Winners

Rare Film Festival 2020

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Peoples’ Choice Award for Rare Film Festival 2020 is…

Today is a Good Day - Aortic Dissection Awareness

15,568 VOTES!


The second place, with 11,594 votes, goes to ‘#FightingFailure’ produced by Sam Clarke and Alport UK.


11,594 VOTES!


The third place goes to ‘Dravet Syndrome UK: Paige’ with 9,053 votes, produced by Red Goat Productions and Dravet Syndrome UK.

Dravet Syndrome UK: Paige

9,053 VOTES!



Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

About the winning film – ‘Today is a Good Day’

Aortic Dissection kills more people in the UK each year than road traffic accidents. In 2016, a small group of survivors got together. They set out to change the UK Aortic Dissection landscape. This is their story, so far…

You can watch all the shortlisted films below.


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