The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust

The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust aims to improve the diagnosis of aortic dissection and bring consistency of treatment across the whole patient pathway. 


SarcoidosisUK Logo

Sarcoidosis is a rare disease and suffers from poor quality information, low levels of support and almost no research into finding a cure. Sarcoidosis UK works to change that. Information and support is mostly done by volunteers allowing them to put the vast majority of funds into research.



There are many children born in the UK and across the world with a rare syndrome called Poland Syndrome.  Very little is known about Poland Syndrome and it’s hard to find the right people in the know in the medical community. PIP-UK we want to change this situation and make sure people get access to […]


Northern Irish Rare Disease Partnership Logo

Northern Irish Rare Disease Partnership (NIRDP) works together to ensure that no one in Northern Ireland is disadvantaged because of the rarity of their condition. They work to enable people who live or work with rare or hard to diagnose conditions to connect, advocate, educate and innovate in partnership with each other.

Hadiza foundation

Hazida Logo

Hadiza foundation is a charity that provides education and support for kidney disease to the African and Caribbean community in the UK. Hadiza foundation in addition works to encourage organ and blood donations within this community.

NF2 Biosolutions


NF2 Biosolutions are the UK Charity arm of the global NF2 BioSolutions organisation. They aim to raise awareness and funds for the preservation and protection of health by supporting research into a cure or preventative treatment for NF2 by vigorously advancing existing and next-generation biomedical technologies, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy. 

Cystinosis Foundation UK

Cystinosis Logo

The Cystinosis Foundation UK aims to provide support, provide information, publish newsletters, organise or participate in conferences relevant to cystinosis and support research into the treatment of cystinosis.

The Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome Foundation

Schinzel Giedion Logo

The Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome Foundation’s mission is to provide support to families caring for a child with Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome, to raise awareness of SGS and to facilitate and support medical research that will help us find better treatments to improve the quality and length of life of children living with SGS.

Fight For Sight

On the left hand side the ords 'FIGHT FOR SIGHT' is written in white capital letters inside three black blocks, one under the other. To the right of this, lots of small blue triangles have been arranged in 8 lines to make the shape of a semi circle.

Someone in the world goes blind every five seconds. Our mission is to stop sight loss in its tracks. By funding pioneering eye research, we’re creating a future everyone can see. We rely on the support of our incredible fundraisers and donors.

Childhood Tumour Trust

Childhood Tumour Trust Logo

We are a charity supporting children, young people and their families affected by Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1)