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MEBO RESEARCH is proud to announce it has recieved a generous grant from uBiome ( to facilitate a larger-scale study focused on not just test results, but observing patterns in each participant’s gut microbiota and coupling that data with their accompanying odor/PATM symtoms, mood / mental health data (through a “Life Quality” consented form).

Irene Gabashvili, PhD, will compare all the participants’ observations with other in order to classify them, while also using all their mental/physical self-reporting data history for a more comprehensive, holistic assessment into possible gut microbiome data and psycho-social /health correlations. This is a simplified explanation whereas Irene has developed a truly unique and comprehensive approach to studying the ‘whole picture’ of a sufferer over the course of a time period. A great deal more is involved in this coordinated research effort between MEBO and uBiome as we share in mutual goals to explore these and other questions throughout this study.

This study is unique in that it aims to begin an understanding of not just gut microbiome sampling and data, but also mental and physical state information at the time of gut microbiome sample collection. As currently organized, each study participant should be granted 3 (three) sample kits in order to better record a wider range of odor (and/or PATM) experiences and associated mental/health information.

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