East Lancashire Community Genetics Service

Our service was introduced to enhance the understanding of genetics within the community.

Genes provide your body with instructions, for example what colour your hair will be, how your heart will function and how tall you will grow to be. Sometimes the genes in our body can be altered/changed which can give rise to a genetic condition. Families from all communities can be affected by genetic conditions, and it is at no fault of the parents, as the gene mutations occur by chance.

For a more in depth and easy to understand explanation on genetic conditions and the different ways they can be inherited/passed on, please take a look at our Genes & You page. It is known that families affected with a genetic condition may not understand its cause or the implications it could have on their wider family. These families care for children or adults who have multiple complex needs due to a genetic condition and are sometimes unaware of the help available to them. Thus the community Genetic team was set up and we visit these families within their homes to provide information and offer support where we can.

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