Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Support Group

The CAH Support Group is run by people who, between them, have been living with CAH for over 100 years!

We’ve been providing support to people living with CAH as well as raising awareness of the condition since 1991. The CAH Support Group exists to give support to everyone living with CAH including those with the condition, their families and friends. We also increase awareness of the condition to the medical profession and the public and raise funds to support research. The Group’s Committee is made up entirely of volunteers, some of whom have CAH themselves. The Group is also supported by a network of Medical Professionals from across the country. We hold regular conferences and informal meetings around the UK, and a newsletter is sent out at least twice a year.

Our current membership stands at around 400 families and 150 professionals and our key to success is getting information to where it is needed as soon as possible after the need is recognised (i.e. at diagnosis when this me is crucial). If you are at all affected by the condition, please consider joining as a member. With your support we can make sure that others affected by CAH get the support they need.

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