Beat Scad

Beat SCAD is a patient-led charity whose vision is a world that understands SCAD, where those affected are quickly and accurately diagnosed and never feel alone.

Beat SCAD’s mission is to increase awareness of SCAD, provide support to all people affected by SCAD, and raise funds for research to better understand SCAD. Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) is a heart condition that is currently under-diagnosed. SCAD is the sudden development of a bruise or tear within a coronary artery that disrupts normal blood flow and can lead to a heart attack, heart failure, cardiac arrest and can be fatal. The cause is unknown.

SCAD has been reported across a wide age range (18-84 years) in men and women but the majority of cases are in young- to middle-aged women. SCAD patients typically have few or none of the traditional risk factors associated with coronary heart disease (atherosclerosis) – which adds to the problem of missed or delayed diagnosis because a heart complaint is often not considered despite a SCAD patient presenting with signs and symptoms of a heart attack. More research is needed to understand why fit, healthy people suddenly develop SCAD. In 2013, the patient group initiated the first UK SCAD study with Dr David Adlam at Glenfield Hospital / University of Leicester. The early cohort of approximately 30 patients has grown at an incredible rate with over 600 patients now registered and contributing to essential data collection. SCAD patients, families and friends are an amazing community who provide endless support and undertake fundraising challenges to help Beat SCAD further their mission.

Together we will beat SCAD.

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