Ane International

Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy is a rare type of brain disease that occurs following viral infections.

Typically, influenza is the leading trigger, followed by HSV6 and other viruses such as coxsackie and enteroviruses. ANE usually occurs in early childhood, although adolescent and adult cases have been reported. It has the susceptibility to be recurrent in patients who have specific gene variants. ANE was first proposed by Professor Masashi Mizuguchi in 1995 and has slowly gained more recognition worldwide as cases and research are published. ANE International is an initiative that began in 2016 by parents of children affected by ANE.

Our goal has foremost been to support and inform all families who are diagnosed with ANE no matter the patient’s age or nationality. Second to that is our wish to support research any way possible and to spread among the general population & medical communities, knowledge of ANE.

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