Genetic Alliance UK’s accounts are independently audited and lodged with the Charity Commission annually. These show that, in addition to seeking funding from private sector sources, Genetic Alliance UK is funded by its member organisations, charitable foundations such as the Wellcome Trust and public sector bodies including the Medical Research Council, the European Commission, the Big Lottery and others. This diversity ensures that Genetic Alliance UK is independent of any sectoral interest.

Genetic Alliance UK meets the strict governance rules set out by the Charity Commission. More information can be found via the Charity Commission website.

Anyone with an interest in rare diseases can become a supporter of the Rare Disease UK campaign; it’s free for everyone apart from industry.

Rare Disease UK is supported by restricted grants in the form of membership fees from our industry supporters. A list of all these companies is available on our industry supporters’ page. This means that all other stakeholders with an interest in rare diseases can support Rare Disease UK for free; it does not determine or influence the work we carry out.



Details of Rare Disease UK’s income and expenditure can be found in our activity reports here and as part of Genetic Alliance UK’s Accounts here.


We work with all stakeholders in the rare disease community to benefit patients and families affected by rare conditions. We are politically neutral and independent of commercial interests; any collaborative work we carry must abide by Genetic Alliance UK’s Ethical Collaboration Policy and working with industry policy.

If you have any questions regarding Rare Disease UK’s funding, finance and governance please contact Farhana Ali, Public Affairs Manager: [email protected]


Rare Disease UK is supported by restricted grants in the form of membership fees from our industry supporters – a list of these companies is available on our industry supporter’s page.

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