Samsuedreams: Molly

Microcephaly means that a persons head is much smaller than expected. This could be due to an underlying genetic condition or because the brain has been damaged and stopped growing and therefore the head has also. It can also be an isolated condition in that the individual just has a smaller head.

I had never heard of microcephaly until a doctor told me following a growth scan when I was 37 weeks pregnant. Molly was showing as normal size body and limbs but her head was only the size of a 32 week old baby. They didn’t know much more and therefore she needed to be induced out, in 4 days time. When she was born she did indeed have microcephaly with a head circumference of only 31cm at 37+4 weeks, however overall she was much tinier than expected and so more in proportion. Molly had an MRI when she was 14 weeks old that showed all parts of her brain had developed normally but that her brain was a lot smaller than normal and she also had some fluid in front of it making it smaller still in her headspace. It would just be a wait and see for her development. Fast forward 12 months and just after her first birthday she got diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, that has a symptom of microcephaly listed.

We don’t know yet what challenges she might face in later life but we will support her all the way and she amazes us daily with what she achieves.

Small is beautiful 💛💛 and that’s our Mols.


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