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A Series of Unfortunate Events

A series of unfortunate events is exactly how I would describe the past couple of years of my life, this is mainly thanks to my ITP and the absolute chaos it’s brought along with it. Combined with the fact that I just naturally seem to attract chaos, these two things just make for an absolute train wreck. In recent years it’s just been one disaster after another with me.

I was diagnosed with ITP when I was 6 but for the most part of my life I was lucky enough to be able to live treatment and medication free, to the point where I almost forgot that I had it. ITP isn’t curable, it doesn’t go away, but for some people they respond well to treatment and it’s very manageable to the point where they can live ‘normally’. For a very long time, I Read the rest

Robbie Williamson

This was me a year ago. I was broken! I hit rock bottom my health was at its worse I had ulcers all over my body I was waking up every day feeling empty. —> Fast forward 1 year and I am slowly getting back my life, although I still suffer everyday I’m happier and striving to be the best I can! You are not alone 💙 #behcets #behcetsdisease #raredisease #behcetswarrior #mentalhealth #speakout

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Rare disease day is a time to understand more than ever the need to be aware of and importance of rare conditions of which there are over 6000! 4 of my conditions are classed as rare diseases, and all effect me in different ways!

Today is a time for people with rare diseases to speak up and show their stripes, and I was amazed to find out that 1 in 17 people actually have at least one rare disease! There are over 6000 acknowledged rare diseases, all of which are important and deserve a voice, funding, research and good treatment.

So today I wear my zebra’s and I proudly wear my top that says “Be Different”! as a message to all people with rare diseases to not be afraid to show your stripes💛


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